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The Most Perfect Autumn Winter Nails

I love the transition of Autumn, the leaves start turning to a beautiful burnt orange and there's an air of excitement for the upcoming holidays. Although you can't beat a traditional Ox Blood deep red. however, I have found my perfect Autumnal nails that just never seem to grow old. They're super simple and so effective!

The star of the show here is Magpie Beauty Two Faced Dusts. They're a white powder with a slight colour to them that isn't really visible until you pat it into gel polish

For this look, I use a CND shellac in Black Pool, I simply pat the dusts randomly over the nails and brush away any excess. You could easily turn this look into a galaxy nail by adding a few stars with a white gel polish (CND Shellac Cream Puff).

What do you think, would you wear something like this?

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