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Does CND Shellac ruin your nails?

In short? NO. CND Shellac is a designed to work in addition with the natural nail, and with careful and correct application and removal, your natural nails will grow strong and healthy!

The CND Shellac application requires NO buffing to the natural nail. Once prep is completed (careful cuticle work and shaping of the nails) we use CND scrub fresh to dehydrate the nails. This ensures that the Shellac stays on the nails and doesn't lift.

When it's time to remove your CND Shellac, it needs to be soaked off from 5-15 minutes depending on the top coat we chose, using nourishing remover. It should crumble off without force revealing a nice healthy nail underneath.

Providing your technician is following these steps and you follow your aftercare, your nails will remain healthy and you will be able to wear CND Shellac for years without taking breaks. Simple aftercare includes using CND Solar Oil daily and wearing gloves when carrying out simple home chores (wear gloves when washing up etc). A term we use a lot in the trade is your nails are jewels not tools!

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