Impressed with imPRESS?

April 23, 2018

If there's one thing I hate, it's doing my own nails. I'm so satisfied once they're done but the actual process is so long winded and takes double the time of doing a clients! 


I removed my almost three week old CND Shellac Nails late at night and had no motivation for redo. I always manage to break some once I leave them naked as I'm sooo heavy handed! Luckily I remembered I had a few sets of imPRESS Nails from an event I recently did! 

So, I thought I'd give them a go just to keep my nails intact until I could be bothered to do them again myself.


What the box says - 'A gel nail breakthrough! imPRESS Press-on Manicure is the stay put, stay perfect, ready to use, press-on, must-have mani.'


My first thoughts where how easy it was, I knew this as I'd previously worked with the product but the ones that fitted really well looked quite good at the cuticle as I did the cuticle work the night before. 


As a consumer, at £7.99 a box, I'd be really happy with the overall finish of these nails in an emergency for a night out or an event. They've even kept my nails in place all day while I've been running around the park with two boisterous children! For me, this is definitely a quick fix until I manage to get my kit out and do them properly because obviously nothing beats a real manicure.


But I'm so glad I tried them and can most definitely recommend them for your next nail emergency. Get them in Superdrug.


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