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New year, new intentions.

New year always fills me with dread. There’s so much pressure to see the new year in with a bang, have the best night ever and become a better person overnight. It’s highly overrated and tbh, makes me feel like an inadequate bear with a very sore head.

I tried a couple of years ago to spin it in to a positive time by setting goals and intentions for the year. These are not resolutions, I found it really important to keep things achievable and not things that would require a complete lifestyle change. I want to achieve my goals and feel good whilst doing them. This worked really well and help me really build my business, but I didn’t do it at the end of 2018, I was so tired and used that as an excuse to flitter away January. I found that not startling the year on a positive note put me in top a downward spin from the get go. 13 days into the year I had my first of two car accidents and it didn’t really get much better! I have gone back to my notes from the previous year and set my intentions again and I thought I’d share how I make them manageable and easy ways to work through them, starting the year on positive note, keeping calm through all the stresses of juggling a business, trying to stay sane and have some kind of personal/family life.

I used a three step system to break my goals down into smaller chunks making every step more achievable.


- Who do I want to be surrounded by?

- What do I want to be doing?

- How do I want to feel?

Paragraph description about my future self.

Breaking each of these down and answering the questions about how I want to end the year sets me up with good positive vibes. It helps me to think more about the people I want to find/keep in my life and stay away from negative energies that are so easy to be sucked into!


- Quarter 1 goals : January - March

- Quarter 2 goals : April - June

- Quarter 3 goals : July - September

- Quarter 4 goals : October - December

Outlinging my goals here for the quarters makes them feel less daunting and more achievable when I break them down and think about how I’ll manage and achieve each one in the final step of planning my year.


- How will I keep myself reminded of my intentions?

- How will I hold myself accountable?

This is where I write everything down, all the smaller steps (even reading a certain book) to help me achieve my main goals for the year! I wanted to share this as I found it really helped me when I did it the last time and I noticed such a huge difference over 2019 and not having my intentions set. I can’t wait to put 2019 behind me and have a more positive 2020 surrounded by people who love and care about me, and working hard to achieve more things that I want for both my personal life and business! I hope this has helped some of you and motivated your to take some notes and begin 2020 on a good footing! Happy Newyear, Emma x

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