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CND Master Painter

Anyone who knows me, knows what an absolute perfectionist I am! Once I get something in my head I just have to do it. When I first started my career I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for. As I progressed I really loved the education side of things and wanted to become the best I could.

I started off as a CND graduate once I completed the CND Shellac beginners class. I decided a year or so after that I wanted to eventually become a master painter and have been working towards it ever since (at a snail's pace!).

Prior to booking on to a Master Painter qualification I had to do a few other classes to prepare - Core Nail Art, Spa Manicure and Perfect Polishing.

The course is split in to two days, the first one is a mock day, you have to do both of your practicals and be marked so you know where you have to improve.

The second day you begin with a written exam. This is what I was most worried about. I pride myself on my education but I was more worried about getting my vocabulary twisted! I found the test pretty easy and got one question wrong, totally silly mistake too!

I then had to perform what I refer to now as competition nails. One hand red, one hand french in both CND Shellac and CND Vinylux. As per usual I was marked down on my smile lines *DAMN YOU*. but flew through everything else and ended up with 96%.

And yes, I am very proud of myself!

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