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Swooning Over The CND Summer Collection

CND release around three collections a year with a few bonus ones thrown in. When they dropped the Spring collection, NGL I wasn't excited. The shades where nice but similar to what I already have, I will definitely purchase them when I run out of current stock but I didn't feel too excited by them. One thing my clients constantly ask me for is more Corals. Between Tropix and Salmon run, there isn't a huge amount of choice before we head in to the brighter tones like Lobster Roll and Electric Orange.

A new collection had been doing the rounds on facebook shared from other countries and we where just praying it was true!

This just dropped into my inbox, and oh my... I just can't wait to play! How stunning are they? This is the second collection with the new logo on too. What do you think, will you be sporting these for your summer pedicures?

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