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The latest offerings from Jo Malone

Wandering aimlessly around my local shopping centre on a cold March Morning, still waiting for the snow to defrost, I sought comfort in one of my favourite shops - Jo Malone. Anyone who knows me, will know I'm crazy for fragrance. I find it so comforting and calming.

I was looking initially looking at the skin care for a new hand cream, once I struck up conversation with the sales assistant she asked to show me their new collection - 'English Fields'. The collection is inspired by the British countryside and the perfectly imperfect English landscape. There's five fragrances in the collection - Poppy & Barley, Primrose & Rye, Honey & Crocus, Green Wheat & Meadowsweet and my favourite of them all Oat & Cornflower. It is a beautiful rich scent that almost reminds me of salted caramel but with a beautiful rich, smoothness to it.

'Wholesome oats gathered from the field, fit for a hearty feast. Enlivened by vivd blue cornflowers and a hint of hazelnut. Complemented by an elegant vetiver base. Mouth-watering. Warm. Sensual.'

On the website, it says to pair to with English Oak & Hazelnut to create a spicy, woody fragrance with vivid blue cornflower and enticing green hazelnut.

However after having a good sniff, we combined it with my currant favourite Myrrh & Tonka to keep it warm and sweet. You can shop the latest collection here.

Have you smelt the latest collection? And if so, what's your favourite?

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