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White Spots, Delamination & IBX Systems

As careful as we are when we apply and remove CND Shellac, sometimes white spots and delimitation is inevitable. It can be down to a number of reasons - the CND Shellac being left on for too long, aftercare not being properly followed, not soaking for long enough or using something sharp to remove the product.

IBX Sytems

Fortunately, there is a way to target and help fix all of these things without foregoing your next manicure appointment! IBX systems by famous names acts as a sealant and seals over the free edge, helping reduce and even eliminate white spots on the nail plate. It also has sealant properties so it can have the ability to adhere delaminated (peeling) nails.

IBX Before and After

The top picture was taken before we used the IBX systems and the bottom one right after one use. After the initial treatment, you will need to use the product ongoing every time you have your nails done for the next few appointments, it'll only require one step subsequently and should only add an additional 5 minutes to your treatment time!

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